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Star Platinium Collection: Europa y Estados Unidos

Não existem subtítulos nenhum para descrever a era o a legenda da música que sempre manterá no som dos Backstreet Boys, reunindo s maiores obras obsolutamente clássicas dos super ídolos que inclue o período maior na carreira dos BSB, as 30 maiores obras de artes em dois álbuns.

CD 1

01 Larger Than Life
02 I Want It That Way
03 Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
04 It9s Gotta be you
05 I Need You Tonight
06 Don't Want You Back
07 Don't Wanna Lose You Know
08 The One
09 Back To You Heart
10 Spanish Eyes
11 No One Else Comes Close
12 The Perfect Fan - Bonus Track
13 I'll Be The For You14 You Brooke on Love
CD 2

01 The Call
02 Shape Of My Heart
03 Get Anothe Boyfriend
04 Shining Star
05 I Promisse You
06 The Answer To Our Life
07 Everyone
08 More Than That
09 Time
10 Not For Me
11 Yes, I Will
12 It's True
13 How Fall In Love With You
14 All I Have To Give (capella)
15 The Call (Neptune Remix)


01 Who Do You Love
02 As Long As You Love Me
03 10.000 Promisses
04 That's What She Said
05 Lay Down Be Side Me
06 I Need You To Night
07 My Heart Stay With You
08 Solo Kevin09 Like a Child
10 All I Have To Give
11 If Don't I Have You / I'll Never Break Your Heart
12 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)
13 Let's Have a Party
14 All I Have To Give (Video Clip)
15 I'll Never Break Your Heart (Video Clip)

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