domingo, agosto 09, 2009

Nick Carter - Funny Face

Baby wipe your eyes cause
I don’t wanna see you cry,
And I don’t want you thinking I’m a bad guy
Sometimes I say something
That I don’t really mean…
The last thing that I want is you mad at me
I know, I know what I got to do
To get a, get a smile out of you
Make my lips touch my nose
and cross my eyes until I go blind (before I go blind)
Anytime I think you’re sad
I just make a funny face (make a funny face)…
Even when I make you mad
I put on my funny face (on my funny face)
I like when you smile (I like when you smile)
I love when you laugh (I love when you laugh)…
I love when you do it too
so let me see your funny face (your funny face)
It tickles me to see
You trying not to laugh at me
‘cause we both know you’re not as tough as you seem
I know you wanna laugh c’mon
I know you wanna laugh c’mon
I know you wanna laugh c’mon
Laugh with me c’mon
Chorus repeat
Stick your tongue out
I’ll stick mine out too
You roll your eyes
And I laugh at you
You say I hate you
I say I love you (yeah 3x)
no matter what you do
I can’t stay mad at you
and you can’t stay mad at me
so what are we gonna do?
Make a funny face
Chorus repeat
Créditos: Lidi McLean [WWBrasil's member]

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