sábado, julho 18, 2009

Soldier Down

Straight Through My Heart
Thought I knew, Moving on
Thought I could, Fool her charm
I really wanna go
But I can't leave her alone, oh, oh

Hear the sound, Of a love so loudI just can't
I just can't ignore this feeling
Said she missed me,
And she wants me, wants me tonight

Straight through my heart
Same old bullet got me
I can't stop the bleeding, woah
Straight through my heart
She aimed and she shot me
I just can't believe it, oh

No I can't resist
And I can't be here
I just can't escape this love
Straight through my heart (soldier down)
My heart (soldier down)
My heart, oh

In the heart of the night
When it's dark In the lights
I heard the loudest noise
A gunshot on the floor oh, oh
Créditos: Kaos-online

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